Dust Characterization Testing

Environmental Analysis Associates, Inc. (EAA) is one of only a few environmental testing laboratories in the country specializing in comprehensive dust and airborne aerosol testing using the full range of Optical and Scanning Electron Microscopy methods. Our historical field experience and consulting expertise also helps us provide you with knowledgeable support and data interpretation specific to your indoor air quality problems. Mr. Daniel Baxter is the owner of EAA, and inventor of the Air-O-Cell®, the most widely used airborne mold and dust sampler in the country.

Sample Reports

Quantitative Surface Dust Report (mold, pollen, fibers, debris, etc.)

Quantitative Airborne Dust Report (mold, pollen, fibers, debris, etc.)

Forensic Dust Characterization Report

Particle Size Distribution Report

Dust Characterization Testing

Surface Sampling - Tape, Bulk, Microvac, or Swab

Airborne Sampling - Air-O-Cell, Allergenco, Burkard, etc.