Dust, Mold, & Fire Residue Analysis from The Inventor of the Air-O-Cell

Environmental Analysis Associates, Inc. is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art indoor air quality particle testing services using an integrated system of optical microscopy and automated scanning electron microscopy analysis methods. When combined with our 40 years of field and consulting experience, we can fully support our clients in finding the source and solution to dust-related indoor air quality complaints.

The Michigan Environmental Laboratory (Lab ID#:220804) is AIHA-LAP,LLC accredited for mold analysis. The Michigan lab also specializes in the analysis of all types of airborne and surface dust, E. coli and fire / combustion residue.

The California Forensic & Research Laboratory specializes in trace-particle analysis, product defect/failure analysis testing, and litigation support.

Mr. Daniel M. Baxter (Vice President of R&D) is the inventor of the Air-O-Cell, the industry-standard sampler for mold and airborne dust sampling.